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About Me

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Every day of my life is a learning and growing experience, especially those challenging days. No matter what comes in my path, I am always drawn to the teachings that underlay every experience. I've observed myself closely to find out what brings me alive and without a doubt, it is interacting with women who are curious about advancing their life to live with their dreams. This reflects my own passion for personal growth.

Dealing with challenges has been always the beginning of a self-actualization process within me. I had to melt and crystallize again with every experience, to be able to live my life fully. What better opportunity than that to actually rebuild myself and my beliefs to match my new way of being.

I have always had a strong craving to help humanity in any way possible. This has always been the force within me. So throughout my life, I have found ways to fulfill this longing through coaching women of all ages and backgrounds.

As a Certified Master Integral Coach ™, I have coached women transitioning to a new career, new business, new personal life changes, new country. I have had the privilege to coach mid-lifers to follow the dream they have been longing for, for a long time.  There is nothing more satisfying to me than watching my clients blossom discovering their own inner potentials and aliveness.

To support communities at large, I have written and helped publish articles for newsletters, web sites and contributed to “Modern Day Miracles” a book by the famous author "Louise Hay".

To be better at service, I continually seek new ideas and strive to learn and advance my thoughts, actions and incorporate them into my work, the wisdom of many of my teachers.

There is no experience more fulfilling than watching my client's mind and spirit, stretching to a new dimension and capacity.


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