Deep within the darkness, there is a treasure
Do not run away from the darkness
Welcome the darkness, Invite her in for a cup of tea
Listen, listen carefully, she has a story to tell you
Soak your entire being in the darkness
Don't send her away with a glass of wine, be compassionate
She has a story to tell you, listen, listen carefully
There is a treasure, hidden deep within the darkness

November 2017 - Parvin.Koloahdooz


Rainbow All Around

This book was created, Inspired by my first grandson Jordan.

The book teaches children at a very young age to love one another, accept their differences and have fun.

Human beings are like the colors of a rainbow or bouquet of flowers, different in some ways and similar in other ways.

Let the love in our hearts, brighten every corner of the world.

Celebrate our differences.

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