Dancing the dance
Bouncing, Bouncing;
another hit, bouncing back again;
hit me again, I love you;
no matter what, I will always love you;
I am the fire in the pit, full of warmth for you;
don’t leave me or I will dye;
there is no space between you and me, no boundaries, get as close as you want to me;
there are no rules between you and me, get as close as you want to me;
I will always love you;
push me away as far as you want;
I will always love you;
just be with me;
it’s the marriage of stone and flower;
I am the flower, you are the stone;
you are the rock, I can lean on;
let me live by your side;
I promise I'll always blossom for you;
crush me with your weight, I won’t complain, crush me;
I will always blossom for you;
just don’t leave me, or I will dye;
until you crush me so hard, that I have nothing left in me, but a drop of nectar;
and out of that drop of nectar; 
I crack you open and ever so gracefully;
out I come right from the middle of you, my rock;
and ever so majestically, I will bloom and grow taller than what you have ever seen;
making a flower bed out of your dust;
I will blossom again, starting a new life;
and then, You and I will dance the dance together.
Parvin Kolahdooz- July 22, 2019


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