About Coaching

Are you ready to make a change in your life? Whether it is to your career, business, relationship or simply want to change a behavior pattern in yourself, a coach can help you live your life to its fullest potentials.
As a Master Integral Coach™, I walk with you through the path, in which you can see how you operate presently and your "way of being", which is mostly invisible. We do this together by shining the light on those areas, so you are able to see how you operate in your world. We pay close attention to all areas of your life, like your physical, spiritual, and intellectual capacity. You will see and appreciate your "Current Way of Being" and your strengths and limitations. On your path to reach your desired goal, you will find yourself living a more whole and complete life.

How does it work?

We choose a topic together, a topic that is relevant to the area of your personal or your work life that you look closely at. We will then explore your current way of being in relation to your topic. As a Master integral Coaching™, I take into consideration where you are now in relation to your topic and where you want to be, and what kind of strengths you would need to build in order to reach your goal. Integral Coaching® helps you become aware of yourself by shining a light on the areas of which is hard to see without special lenses. , and the way you relate to your topic and then offers practices specific to supporting you in growing into the realization of your topic.
Through designed practices made just for you involving support and feedbacks, you will be able to clearly see your "current way of being" and gradually growing into your "new way of being". Your new way of being, gives you the freedom and competencies needed to reach your goal. Therefore you will have a more balanced life.

What is Topic?

Your Topic can be anywhere from, how do I show up in the world with my life's purpose? I want to enjoy my work more. I wish I could really relax and enjoy my life. How do I express my passion and how do I direct my passion on the right path. How do I make a difference in this world? I want to lose weight. I want to make healthy choices in life. How do I express myself without offending people?
Your topic holds the key to the changes you want to make in your life. Our practices and meeting sessions revolves around your topic. We measure the changes happening over the period of coaching program keeping your topic as the main focus.

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What is Integral Coaching?

Integral Coaching® is a coaching methodology that includes the whole human. This methodology is based on philosopher Ken Wilber’s, Integral Theory. In this method of coaching, we use different lenses which enables our work to be completely customized to your unique personality, views, and needs.
“Integral Coaching® is a discipline that enables clients to become more aware of their current approach to situations, to see new possibilities and then build sustainable new competencies to achieve outcomes that deeply matter to them. The coach and client are dedicated to the unique developmental needs of the client.” -Integral Coaching Canada